1. Go to Pornpros.com

2. Select yout favorite Video via "Our Girls" or "Latest Updates"

3. Go to the Detail Page of this Vid


4. Look at the URL of the Big Sample Preview Pic
In this Case:

5. This is maybe a bit tricky:

You have to build your own url to access the protected content via the Cache servers

http://cache1.images.pornprosnetwork.com/cms_data/ *SITE-NAME* / *MODELNAME* /videos/ *MODELNAME* + "-wmvFullHigh-1.wmv"

So for the above example it would be:


Or another example:

Detail-Page: http://www.pornpros.com/episode/?episode=3152
Pic-URL: http://cache1.images.pornprosnetwork...pg-299x372crop
So your URL has to be


The Folder has to be "/videos/" instead of "/photos/" in the URL if you change the Preview-Pic-URL

There are a few more options:

as last part of the URL you can choose between

"-wmvFullHigh-1.wmv" WMV-HD (means not everytime HD but imho the better quality version)
"-mpgFullHigh-1.mpg" MPG-HD
"-wmvFullLow-1.wmv" WMV-LOW
"-mpgFullLow-1.mpg" MPG-LOW